CSR Policy






As a good corporate citizen, we are committed sincerely to contributing to the sustainable development of society in aspects of working together with local communities. Annually, we allocate a certain amount for community activities focusing on education, culture, health and environmental conservation through cooperation and collaboration with NGOs, local communities and voluntary activities organized by employees.



Charity Programmes

Ang pow and food distribution to old folks home annually.
Printing books for primary school students.
Visits to disabled home and old folks home
Visits to Orphan House
Every year partnership with the Lee Jetty association (李氏总祠“ Lee Jetty) to raise funds for old folks above 60 years old




Environment protection

To minimize road hazard, we invest in new vehicles with new technology vehicles. All 500 vehicles in our fleet are not more than 12 years old because old engines emit more black smoke on the road.


For our vehicles, we invest like Volvo, Scania, MAN, Hino, Fuso. Only Shell diesel is permitted to be used in our vehicles as it is recognized as the best diesel in the country。



Public safety

We invest in public liability coverage insurance for our building, whether for own use or leasing out to customers.
Drivers undergo regular safety precautions and driving skill training to refresh themselves. Good driving behaviour is compulsory at all times. As an added precaution, we have printed our hotline contact number on the vehicles. The public can call us anytime if found our drivers drive careless or dangerous.













As an employer, our CSR policy is founded on the safety, health and enhancing the quality of life of our people.  



As occupational safety is the core of our business activity, we place top priority on safety, and compliance with laws and regulations related to occupational health.

Cognizant that their jobs are physically and mentally demanding, we allocate two drivers for all long-haul drips, so the trucks can work around the clock, without compromising our staff’s safety and health.
Regular checks and inspections are performed on the growing fleet at our maintenance workshop to ensure optimal performance, minimal wear and tear, and of course, at the same time maintaining an eco-social-friendly standard, by preventing/limiting unnecessary emission from the equipment, thereby safeguarding the environment. All vehicles must pass through mandatory checking and testing by Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD or Land Public Transport Commission).
To ensure our drivers are in the best physical conditions, we enforce a strict policy of not overloading them with a heavy working schedule.
We actively provide our drivers with education and training on occupational health and safety.
Good driving behaviour is compulsory at all times. As an added precaution, we have printed our hotline contact number on the vehicles. The public can call us anytime if found our drivers drive careless or dangerous.
At our HQ, we have strict safety and security procedures in place, with 24 hours security guards to ensure smooth and safe traffic flow within our compound. Speed limit for vehicles must not exceed 10 km/h.


Healthcare and wellness

We are proud to have a healthcare plan that beats industry standards. We provide hospitalization insurance coverage and PA insurance coverage for all our staff. In the industry, drivers typically get SOCSO benefits only, even though they spend the majority of their time on the road where their exposure to risk is higher than average.
In supporting our staff and their families to achieve work-life balance, we discourage employees from working until late night or overtime. We do, however, love to hear of our staff getting together after work for drinks, dinner and happy hours.


Working Environment

Built at an investment cost of RM8 million, our new headquarters in Juru Auto City is modern, high-tech and visually impactful. Frequently compared to multinational corporations, it provides a working environment that is conducive to productivity and fosters camaraderie among employees. Highlights:


Thoughtfully designed to maximise productivity, the interior boasts sleek glass-and-wood furnishings with contemporary meeting rooms and cubicle are extensively fitted with ergonomic furniture, state-of-the-art equipment, and in a subtle nod to our Chinese roots, potted money plants for luck.




Demonstrating cultural sensitivity, we have a surau for Malay staff and a halal as well as another non-halal pantry, whereas most companies have only one pantry. We proactively monitor both race and religion equality.


Bedecked in cheerful white and yellow (the colour of our prime movers), our cafeteria is air-conditioned, equipped with Astro, wifi, comfortable high chairs, and a coffee machine that dispenses white coffee, teh tarik, soya milk and Milo.


Cognizant that parking space is a huge issue in Penang, we made sure that in our new HQ, we dedicated ample parking space to all our staff.



Corporate culture

Outstanding brands are built around great people who deliver consistently great performances service every day. We know that the more staff enjoy work, the more productive they will become, so we go to great lengths to create a caring and fun corporate culture.







We strive to conduct various communication activities, such as stakeholder dialogues, with industry associations, government agencies, NGOs, etc, to identify, examine and solve industry issues. We have brought meaningful improvements to the industry through our strong representation in associations like AMH. For example: